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Executive Chef

Steven Musolf

With a career climbing the culinary ranks at several restaurants including the Michelin starred Village Pub in Woodside and Travese in Los Gatos, Chef Steven Musolf understands the delicate balance required to create a menu that entices locals, but also satisfies traveler’s cravings for burgers and fries.

His menu is kept intentionally small, with Cal-Med dishes that are accessible to even those unfamiliar with the style. Notable dishes include the Wagyu Burger, Grilled Octopus, and Plant-based Tagine (yogurt can be omitted for a vegan option).

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Cocktails From Scratch

Jay Becknell

Jay’s bar experience is very diverse. He has worked in Beer Halls, Fine Dining Bars, Neighborhood Bars, and Tiki bars, to name a few. Jay’s travelled the world experiencing many different styles of bartending from the molecular cocktails of Aviary Chicago, to Trader Vic’s original Tiki Bar in London, to the fun and playful contemporary cocktails of Tails and Spirits in Amsterdam, to the classic cocktails of Licoreria Limantour in Mexico City.

Everywhere Jay travels he collects amazing recipes and develops his palette further ensuring he will fill his cocktail shaker with flavors that will inspire and delight you. Drop by Oak & Honey’s bar to have some amazing beverages, chat about the history and flavors of your favorite drinks, or learn about all the house made syrups, bitters, and garnishes from this friendly and talented cocktelier.

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Sous Chef

Susan Daniels

Susan’s career has spanned decades and has grown with the culinary scene of Greenville. It all started at Barley’s Taproom in 1998 when she said goodbye to her graphic design job and became a pizzaiolo. From the tiny galley at Gottrocks to the sprawling halls of Cascade’s Verdae, she knew she was destined for creativity in kitchens.

Working under Chef Musolf, she has been able to hone the skills that were picked up over the years and focus on new techniques and challenges. With such a diverse menu and unique ingredients, it is the perfect environment for Susan to thrive.

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Cutting-edge culinary trends while maintaining a soulful approach

~ Chef Steven Musolf